What’s the Difference Between FELCO C7 and C9 Cable Cutters?

FELCO cable cutters are recognized worldwide for their high quality and precision cutting capabilities. As the industry standard cable cutting tool, FELCO tools feature a unique design that cuts cable from all sides at the same time. Not only does this prevent unintended crushing of the cable strands, but it also eliminates the frayed ends that normally make swaging difficult. The C7 and C9 models are both staples in workshops and manufacturing facilities across the world, which is why we wanted to take a moment to outline their individual features and characteristics.

C7 cable cutters are suitable for stainless steel cables up to 5/32” in diameter, making them ideal for use on #GO3-CBL (GOLD) and #OR4-CBL (ORANGE) seismic bracing cable. Weighing less than one pound, this 7.5” this tool is lightweight enough for overhead cutting, and easy to transport out to the field. Equipped with bright red plastic coated handles, these ergonomic cutters provide a firm yet comfortable grip that removes the strain from overhead work. The high-strength blades are hardened and tempered for cutting even the strongest cables, and the triangular cutting action makes them reliable time and time again.

The C9 cable cutters are a step up from the C7 model, which makes them a valuable addition to any installer’s tool kit. With the ability to cut ¼” steel cable, these are ideal for use on #GR6-CBL (GREEN) and #BL8-CBL (BLACK) seismic bracing cable. Like the C7 model, the C9s use triangular cutting to progressively cut cable wires without squashing strands. This assures a smooth cut that allows the cable to be easily and reliably inserted into zinc-plated swaging sleeves. The handle design of the C9 model is slightly different than the C7, but the plastic coating still affords a comfortable grip.

In summary, C7 cable cutters are a good option for smaller cables (up to 5/32” diameter) while C9 cable cutters can handle larger cable (up to 1/4" diameter). To learn more about FELCO C7 and C9 cable cutters, visit the cable cutters page on our website. As always, do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.