The Differences Between Battery and Hand Operated Swagers


When shopping for swagers, there are two common types available, hand-operated and battery-powered. Both are great swaging options, but there are considerations worth thinking about before making a purchase. Read more to learn about the two types of swagers and their capabilities.

Hand Swagers:

  • An economical tool for swaging cable sleeves
  • An effective option for swaging small batches of connections, or working on a small jobsite
  • Ability to perform proper cable connections that exceed the breaking strength of the cable
  • Only swages one cable size, meaning numerous hand swagers are needed if various cable sizes need swaging
  • Recommended to clean and lubricate moving parts of a hand swager regularly
  • Operates efficiently in confined spaces

Locoloc® #0-3/16SC Handswager

Battery Swagers:

  • Powerful tool for swaging cable sleeves
  • Effective for swaging large batches of connections, or working on a large jobsite
  • Ability to perform proper cable connections that exceed the breaking strength of the cable
  • Many battery-powered swaging tools have replaceable swaging dies, meaning one tool can be used to swage all cable sizes
  • Fully enclosed with weather-resistant housing
  • 6-ton output
  • Operates in confined spaces
  • At Loos and Co., Inc., battery swagers come with a battery charger, battery cartridge, and a carrying case

Locoloc® SL-7NDK-SB Battery Handswager

Which is Right for You?

It depends. If you expect to have a lot of cables that need swaging and crimping or if you are constantly swaging one cable size, then you may want to consider a hand swager. If you are working on numerous cable sizes, we recommend a battery swager with the ability to replace swaging dies. By choosing a battery swager, you will efficiently swage and crimp wire efficiently and with ease. However, a hand swager is a better option when you are constantly working with one cable size, and you feel comfortable being able to connect cables properly. There is more work involved with hand swagers, such as understanding the proper way to swage and cleaning and lubricating moving parts, but it is a great option when looking for a durable and cost-effective product.

Looking to buy a hand-operated or battery-powered swager? Choose Loos Seismic Bracing! We offer Locoloc® battery and hand swagers that are reliable and built to the highest quality. To view Loos and Co., Inc.’s Locoloc® product line, visit us here. Alternatively, if you have any questions, our team is happy to help! Reach out to us by phone at 1-800-321-LOOS (5667).

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