Two Seismic Hardware Fittings That Make Retrofitting Possible

It may seem intimidating to retrofit new seismic bracing to existing building structures, especially where there is little to no space for these modifications. As an added challenge, many modern building codes work retroactively, which means they require older facilities to install new structural supports in accordance with updated policies. This can seem like an expensive and difficult process if you are not equipped with the correct hardware to make appropriate upgrades. Luckily, Loos offers two different hardware fittings to assist with the retrofitting process: SAFR (Seismic Anchoring Fitting Retrofit) and SAF2R (Seismic Anchoring Fitting – 2-Way – Retrofit).

SAFR (1)SAFR fittings use existing structural mounting points to create new cable connections. To install, simply loosen an existing hex nut on your desired mounting location, slide the slotted channel of the fitting around the nut, and retighten the nut. It is quick and easy to install SAFR fittings, as there is no need to drill new holes or completely remove any preexisting hardware.

SAFR fittings are available in an assortment of bolt hole sizes ranging from 1/4” to 5/8”, and they are sized by bolt hole diameter for ease of ordering. They accommodate our #GO3 and #OR4 cables without the need for additional thimbles, and they are designed for use with stake eye and cable assemblies.

image-1Our SAF2R fittings install in the same manner as our SAFR fittings, and they also create new cable connections by employing existing mounting points. SAF2Rs are available with 1/4"-5/8” bolt holes, and accommodate #GO3 and #OR4 cable like SAFR fittings, too. The key difference between SAFR and SAF2R fittings is that SAF2R fittings can be used in both 2-way or 4-way bracing configurations for installations that require extra support.

For detailed start-to-finish installation instructions, check out our three-part video series about lateral sway brace, longitudinal sway brace, and 4-way brace systems at These videos are available in both English and Spanish, and outline the proper procedures for using our seismic bracing and hardware, including measuring tips and swaging directions.

To view our SAFR and SAF2R retrofit fittings, along with all our other attachment hardware, visit our product page or contact us today for more information.