Seismic Bracing Alternatives for Fire Sprinklers

By James R. Pierro

When it comes to today’s standards for seismic bracing of fire sprinklers in commercial or residential structures, there are currently only two alternatives that are approved by NFPA-13. They are identified by NFPA as Rigid bracing and Tension only bracing. Rigid bracing is likely to be the most widely used throughout the fire sprinkler industry, however, you may want to consider the fully code compliant Cable Bracing manufactured by Loos & Co. Inc. out of Naples, FL. (

Loos & Co. has been manufacturing Cable Bracing since 1993 and earned their UL listing in 1996. Since then, they have added additional certifications to meet the needs and requirements of an ever-evolving industry fully focused on safety. Some of the unique features of this seismic product include:

  • Pre-Stretched, Color-Coded, East-to-Install & inspect.
  • Break Strength Certified. Third-party tested/listed to verify that cable assemblies, including fittings, maintain cable nominal breaking strength.
  • Incorporates swaged end fittings as required by 2012 IBC per ASCE 19-10, which does not permit wedge and clip-type fittings.
  • Third-Party Listed for use in complying with NFPA-13, the International Building Code (IBC), the ASCE 19 and the ASCE 7, including: UL Listed (9P62) since 1996, ICC-ES Listed (ESL-1004 & ESL-1007), and Intertek (C#: 720066).
  • Listed by FlowGuard, BlazeMaster, Corzan (FBC) for system compatibility with Lubrizol CPVC pipe.
  • Manufactured domestically in Naples, FL.

The advantages of a tension only or Cable Bracing is immediately apparent especially from a cost standpoint with reports of up to 50% savings on material and installation time. Some of the other advantages include:

  • Unlimited brace length- no length restriction
  • Simple and quick installation
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Always in stock- no long lead times
  • Significant shipping cost savings

Loos & Co. offers a complete line of Seismic Bracing products that are manufactured from pre-stretched, powder coated, galvanized cable, color coded for easy field identification of the different sizes and load strengths. Loos’ Cable bracing works in tension only, as a result, two opposing cables are required at each brace location to secure the fire sprinkler pipe to the structure. Additionally, Loos manufactures zinc plated Structural attachment hardware to easily make the connection to the structure whether it be wood, concrete or steel. For additional information, please contact the Customer Service dept by phone: 800-321-5667 or by Fax: 239-643-4558. Alternatively, visit Loos & Co. Inc. at 901 Industrial Blvd., Naples, FL 34104 or contact James via email at for any additional questions.

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