How to Specify a Cable Kit Part Number

Here at Loos & Co Seismic Bracing, we want to make it easy for you to get the right Sway Bracing Kit for your application, which is why we created a part number guide. With customizable features such as brace length and fastener type, it is essential to craft the correct configuration for your kit to operate at peak performance. If you are getting ready to order from us, here is some information you should know about our part numbers, and how to specify one.


Our pre-assembled kits use the same cable as in our bulk spools, but they are pre-measured to specific lengths. One side is attached to a stake eye for connection to a structure, and the other is left as a cut end for connection in the field. Accordingly, our part numbers are comprised of brace type, cable code, fastener code, and length code, which can all be specified through our charts below. Simply follow these steps:


Step 1: Choose your brace type


Step 2: Choose the cable that best fits your load requirement


Step 3: Chose the fastener that best fits your requirements


Step 4: Choose your desired brace length



Let’s take a look at this part number to better understand what it communicates based on our charts. The first number indicates the kit is a 2-way brace instead of 4-way. The next alphanumeric section indicates the kit is gold, which gives it a 600 lb. load rating. According to the third section, the kit will include a ¼” stake eye. The last number indicates the number of feet, which is 10 in this instance.



Now that you have read our comprehensive guide, you are ready to place an order for your own unique specifications. For more information about our sway bracing kits, visit, contact one of our many distributors, or send us an inquiry at

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