How to Determine Which Seismic Cable You Need

Loos and Company manufactures four different load ratings of seismic bracing cable. Used to defend building structures against earthquake activity, they can be installed in new or existing buildings with the addition of attachment hardware. They are powder coated according to their rating, making it easy to ensure you are using the correct product throughout your entire installation process. Options include: #G03-CBL (gold), #OR4-CBL (orange), #GR6-CBL (green), and #BL8-CBL (black).

#GO3-CBL Gold Cable is our most popular size, allowing it to be used across most common applications. It is our most lightweight seismic cable with a load rating of 600 lbs. For applications that require additional strength, we offer orange #OR4-CBL cable with a load rating of 1,100 lbs., and green #GR6-CBL cable with a load rating of 2,000. Our Black #BL8-CBL cable offers the highest load rating, with 4,600lbs.

bulk spools

If you are unsure which cable best suits your application, we recommend using our Engineers’ Tools seismic calculator. This easy-to-use program allows you to enter the details of your seismic installation, including fastener and brace types, and then it specifies the appropriate products for your needs. It then generates a materials list, allowing you to choose the ideal quantity of spools and pre-manufactured kits.

Our seismic cable is available in bulk spools of 250 feet, or preassembled kits with 2-way or 4-way configurations. Spools are lightweight enough to be maneuvered around the job site with ease, and preassembled kits are a quick and efficient way to expedite installations. The same cable is used in both spools and kits, which provides you the opportunity to choose your preferred product. Cable kits eliminate the need for the hand fabrication of each individual seismic sway brace, but bulk spools provide flexibility when it comes to cable length and hardware.

To learn more about our seismic bracing cable options, download a copy of our product trifold, or visit our website for additional detail. Submit an inquiry or contact us online at

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