Have you Seen our How-To Videos?

On the Loos Seismic Bracing website, we have numerous informative videos that will help you with your seismic bracing installations. We have a video on seismic cable, lateral transverse bracing, 4-way bracing, and longitudinal bracing. In todays blog we will breakdown all four of these videos on our website and some of the features of our how-to video page.

Seismic Cable Bracing Video:

Our seismic cable bracing video highlights the various bulk spools and cable kits we have available on our website. Our video explains details about how our cable comes color coded for ease of selection and inspection, alongside being certified by many of the industry’s top building and safety certification compliance and risk mitigation companies.

Lateral Transverse Bracing Video:

This video provides clear instructions to install lateral transverse bracing. We go through the process step-by-step with visual aides to make the process easy. We also provide useful tips and tricks that will make the process simple and efficient. Our video narrator also explains the importance of referring to your design guide and cutting any cable extending beyond the sleeve after swage.

4-Way Bracing Video:

Our 4-way bracing video provides exact instructions on completing a 4-way brace installation. We explain the correct attachment hardware to choose for your installation and the correct way to put the hardware onto the bracing cable.

Longitudinal Bracing Video:

By watching the longitudinal bracing video, you will know exactly how to install a longitudinal sleeve brace at a coupling or clamp. We provide tips, such as how the cable should be aligned parallel to the pipe and to not pull so tight that excess force is applied to the pipe when securing bracing.

Our how-to videos are available in English and Spanish and we also have full transcripts of the videos on our website here. Alternatively, if you have any questions, our team is happy to help! Reach out to us by email at sales@loosnaples.com or by phone at 1-800-321-LOOS (5667).


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