Getting Ready for a Seismic Bracing Installation? Here’s What You Need

Are you getting ready to start a seismic bracing installation? Ensure you are properly prepared with all the cable, hardware, and tools you need to get the job done right. Whether you are performing an installation on new construction, or retrofitting an existing structure, Loos Seismic Bracing has all the necessary code-compliant products available in one location. Here is a quick list of the supplies you will need.

We offer four different seismic bracing cables to meet your needs. #GO3-CBL Gold Cable is our most popular size, and it is suitable for a wide range of common applications. If your application requires additional strength, we also manufacture #OR4-CBL orange, #GR6-CBL green, and  #BL8-CBL black cable. Seismic bracing cable is available in both bulk spools and individual sway bracing kits that help make installations quick and easy. Our bulk spools include 250 feet of cable, and they are lightweight enough to be easily maneuvered around the job site. Sway bracing kits can be ordered in a variety of different configurations, and include permanent stake eye attachments. For more information about our seismic bracing cable, check out our previous blog post: Choosing Between Bulk Spools and Sway Bracing Kits.

In order to select the correct hardware for your project, you must know whether your installation site features new construction or existing structures. SAF and SAF2 fittings are ideal for new construction where the cable mount can be easily attached to steel, concrete, or wood structural members. Conversely, our SAFR and SAFR2 fittings are ideal for use with existing equipment because they are manufactured with a slotted hole. This allows an existing fastener to be loosened and retightened around the fitting without complete reinstallation. Our oval sleeves work with both SAF and SAFR fittings, along with all sizes of our seismic bracing cable.

Loos offers the complete line of Swiss-made FELCO Brand cable cutters, along with a wide selection of swagers. Choose between manual or battery powered swaging options, and don’t forget to order a pair of C7 or C9 cutters. Together, these tools will help you effortlessly cut cables and create braces in just a few simple steps. Click here to view our product trifold with a complete list of our seismic bracing tools and specifications.

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