Five Reasons to Use Engineers’ Tools Seismic Bracing Calculator

Our web-based trade calculator, Engineer's Tools, makes it easier than ever to fill out the NFPA-13 Seismic Bracing Calculation form by guiding users through the process with step-by-step instructions. The program makes it easy to create and save designs for multiple projects all in one place, and the completed forms are available for printing so they may be submitted to the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) in your area. If you have not yet created an account, here are five reasons to use Engineers’ Tools for your seismic bracing installation.
1. Utilizes the most current seismic data
We recently updated the UL listed load ratings for our seismic cable to reflect current data. Our GO3-CBL Gold cable is now rated for 418 lbs., OR4-CBL Orange cable for 770 lbs., GR6-CBL Green cable for 1900 lbs., and BL8-CBL Black cable for 3180 lbs. Engineer’s Tools has also been updated to include these changes, which means your calculations will always derive from accurate values.
seismic load rating
2. Optimizes your design specifications
Engineers’ Tools always flag errors or discrepancies within a seismic installation design. If you enter information that is out of spec, the calculator will automatically render a popup menu that recommends ways to adjust the design. This may include options such as increasing cable size or decreasing the distance between bracing structures. If there are no issues, the calculator will display a green icon underneath your document name to confirm that you are eligible to move to the next step.   
error seismic
3. Accessible directly from the web with a mobile friendly interface
Engineers’ Tools does not rely on a software download or mobile app. Instead, it can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection by visiting The program also has a mobile friendly interface, which means you can create new designs, or access existing files in the field with your cellphone or tablet.  

4. Generates a Bill of Materials for easy quoting
After your design has been finalized, Engineers’ Tools generates a Bill of Materials. It allows you to choose your desired quantities of premanufactured kits, bulk materials, and tools, so you always have the right amount of supplies for your installation. Simply provide the Bill of Materials to your sales representative or distributor when you are done.

5. Easy to use
Our seismic calculator is completely free and easy to use, allowing you to fill out NFPA forms in just minutes. The process is self-guided, but you can find step-by-step instructions in our previous blog post, How to Use Engineers' Tools.

Begin using Engineers’ Tools today by visiting