Design Guides for Architects and Engineers

Have you visited the Design Guides page on our website? This web page includes free downloadable copies of our NFPA-13 2016 and NFPA-13 2010 Seismic Design Guides, which are available in both English and Spanish. These guides were authored by our engineers to assist you through every stage of your seismic bracing building project, from hardware selection to product installation. Ideal for use with our Engineers’ Tools Seismic Calculator, these resources help generate mistake-free NFPA forms and planning solutions. Here is an overview of the valuable information included in our guides.

2016 (1)

General Information and Products
Both the NFPA-13 2016 and NFPA-13 2010 guides include a section about general information. To find eye and lap slice instructions, cable kit part numbers, and links to our seismic calculator and how-to tutorials, navigate to the first eight pages of either catalog. Section 2, which runs from pages 10 to 56 of each guide features a comprehensive catalog of our products, including attachment hardware, cable kits, and bulk spools. Whether you are seeking information about the breaking strength of a cable or the required number of crimps for an oval sleeve, you can find it in our product section.

2010Installation Instructions
Section 3, which runs from pages 58 to 92 in each guide, includes installation instructions for a variety of different bracing configurations. Whether you are installing a lateral brace, longitudinal brace, or 4-way brace, our guides include written and visual instructions, along with charts that outline the load rating and crimping requirements for each cable size. To learn more about installing different types of hardware in different materials and surfaces, visit pages 62 through 86. For ceiling installations along angled and flat roofs, visit pages 88 through 90.

Section 4 includes slightly different information in each guide. The NFPA-13 2010 guide includes charts about applied load, pipe weights, concrete anchor orientations, respective prying factor formulas, and seismic coefficients. These values and formulas help draft safe engineering plans and ensure proper installation of seismic bracing. The updated NFPA-13 2016 guide includes all the same formulas, but also includes five additional pages of load tables that help engineers and designers calculate installation angles and anchor depth.

Both engineers and designers can benefit from these free guides, as they include everything you need to plan a seismic bracing installation. To download a Spanish or English copy for yourself, visit and begin using our Engineers’ Tools calculator to quickly complete NFPA-13 forms.