Battery Swaging Tools Make Quick Work of Seismic Installations

If you are getting ready to install a large seismic cable system, you may want to consider choosing a battery-powered swaging tool over a manual swaging tool. Battery swaging tools help increase efficiency, and reduce strenuous manual labor during seismic bracing installations, especially in cramped corners or overhead workspaces. As an upgrade from traditional swaging tools, our battery operated Locoloc swagers perform accurate, repetitive motions with ease, allowing you to save time by quickly moving from cable to cable. They are also compatible with all of our seismic bracing cable, which means you can complete all swaging functions with just one tool.

hc-3010-sbThe Locoloc® HC-3010-SB Battery Handswager eliminates the need to swage zinc-plated oval sheaves by hand. This state-of-the-art tool is compatible with our #GO3 (GOLD), #OR4 (ORANGE) and #GR6 (GREEN) cable sleeves, making it an effective choice for most seismic installations. With a fully enclosed weather-resistant housing, this battery swager is durable and well-made, while still remaining compact enough to use with one hand. Standard accessories include carrying case, battery charger, carrying strap, and two fast-charging Lithium Ion Batteries.

Loos-Seismic-Bracing-SL-7ND346-SB-battery-hand-swagerCompatible with #GO3 (GOLD), #OR4 (ORANGE), #GR6 (GREEN), and #BL8 (BLACK) cable sleeves, the Locoloc® SL-7ND346-SB Battery Handswager allows users to swage all sizes of Loos' zinc-plated oval sleeves with one tool. The swaging dies are replaceable, and standard accessories include carrying case, battery charger, carrying strap, and two 2 BP-185 Lithium Ion Batteries. With a 6 ton output, the SL-7ND346-SB is a great universal option for people working with different sized cables simultaneously.

The Locoloc® SL-7NDK-SB Battery Handswager is also compatible with all sizes of Loos Seismic cable, including with #GO3 (GOLD), #OR4 (ORANGE), #GR6 (GREEN), and #BL8 (BLACK). Like the SL-7ND346-SB, the SL-7NDK-SB allows users to use one reliable device that can swage multiple cable sizes, however, the die sets for this tool are sold separately. These individual die sets allow operators to pick and choose their preferred sizes, which is ideal for installers who perform an extensive amount of installations.


To learn more about our battery swaging tools and our manual swaging tools, visit the products page on our website or contact us with any questions.