Announcing Loos' Engineers' Tools Seismic Calculator

Our commitment to lead and advance the field of seismic bracing has built the Loos & Co. reputation as pioneers in the field since 1993. We continue that tradition with the introduction of the Loos & Co. Engineers' Tools Seismic Calculator. We are proud to reintroduce this web-based, mobile-responsive resource capable of completing the complex calculations required to create code-compliant seismic bracing designs.

The Engineers' Tools Seismic Calculator will process all of the complex NFPA-13 seismic calculations from your designs and produce a completed NFPA-13 form to submit to the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ). If your project conditions change, the calculator allows you to easily edit your design.

Along with the ability to print submittal documentation, our Seismic Calculator will generate a complete bill of materials to be submitted to your local Loos distributor for quoting. 

Loos & Co. is excited for the opportunity to make your seismic bracing projects easier and less time-consuming. We invite you to discover how our Engineers' Tools Seismic Calculator can streamline your seismic bracing project requirements. 

engineers tools

Key Features of Loos Seismic Bracing Systems Calculator:

• Utilizes current seismic code data
• Optimizes your design specifications
• Accessible online free of charge
• Generates Bill of Materials for easy quoting
• Suggests cost-effective design alternatives
• Performs complex NFPA calculations

Register for free and begin calculating your seismic bracing project today.